Normandy Conservation Group

Normandy Conservation Volunteers

Normandy Parish Council has recently established the Normandy Conservation Volunteers to help improve the wildlife value and increase biodiversity of Normandy Common, Manor Fruit Farm and to a lesser extent Normandy Allotments.

Normandy Conservation Volunteers is a sub-committee that reports to Estates and Facilities Committee and has both councillors and non-councillors on the committee.  At present we aim to meet twice a year and meetings are open to all.

The work of the Conservation Volunteers is guided by its committee along with the 2023 Normandy Common Management Plan) which builds on the Normandy-Common-Phase-I-Management-Plan-2018, both done for the Council by Surrey Wildlife Trust.

This Normandy Common Management Maps 1[45] outlines a) the suggested management from SWT, b) the existing management carried out by the Council and c) ideas and suggestions in the initial workshop of the Conservation Volunteers.

At present we have monthly work parties, with a focus on removal of non-native species, keeping paths and rides open, ditch clearing and essential work on and around the pond.  At Manor Fruit Farm there is some work needed to look after the trees planted in winter 2022 as well as clearing the swales (wide ditches) of willow.  As time goes by, we hope to increase the number of work parties, but this does depend on the number of volunteers!

Occasionally, if urgent work is required, a call will be put out on WhatsApp and social media to all volunteers to come and help.

In the summer work parties may focus more on surveys and keeping rides/footpaths strimmed as well as maintaining glades.

If you would like to join Normandy Conservation Volunteers, please contact the Clerk.

Upcoming working parties 

18th November 2023 1pm-dusk – Meet at Normandy Tennis Club Car Park – Removal of non-native species such as rhododendron and cherry laurel. Please bring, gloves, green wood saws, loppers and rakes

2nd December 2023From 10.30am – Meet at Manor Fruit Farm Car park – Planting replacement trees where required, removal of vegetation around trees especially bramble roots and possible removal of willow from Swales. Please bring gloves, spades, loppers, rakes and wheel barrows.

13th January 2024From 9am – Meet at Normandy Tennis Club Car Park – Scrub management and glade creation along the permissive horse ride. Please bring loppers, rakes and wheelbarrows. If you have a trimmer and feel confident in using it, please bring it along.