Normandy Shop and Café

The Build Update

If you haven’t visited Manor Fruit Farm in the past couple of weeks, you are in for a big surprise. The foundation work was completed by the end of June and the structure has been delivered and constructed. By the time you are reading this, the cladding and roof tiles will be going up or completed.

What you see is thanks to you the community and the shop committee securing the YourFund grant.

In September we will be starting the interior fit out. Our volunteer architect Les Asher has covered every small detail and we have great contractors in place. The fit-out phase will take several months (September to end November). Our aim is to start installing the shop and café fittings in January.

What will be on the shelves?

We now have a good stocklist outlining what will be on the shelves. To help us make sure we kick off with the best produce, we would love to hear what you really want to buy. We will have all the convenience foods that you run out of.  We want to focus on fruit, vegetable, good cheese, bread, locally laid eggs, local meat and yes…. good affordable wines and beer.  We will also stock Gluten and Dairy and some Vegan products, your input with these items are very much welcomed, especially your preferred brands.

You can email us at and let us know what you’d really like to see on the shelves. 

We will have a visitors’ book in the shop that anyone can write down what produce they think is missing, you will be able to request specific products and we will aim to stock them.

When are we opening?

We are aiming to open in the first quarter of 2023! We have named the date several times, but this is it now. We will be asking for volunteers to come to our trial dates, which will be announced, to enable us to train the volunteer teams.

Normandy Shop and Cafe

Services on offer

We are talking to service providers and will be updating you over the coming months, we are looking at dry cleaner service, phased in deliveries, newspapers and more….

The Market

We are continuing to run the Shop Market every Friday, it has been a quiet summer, with holidays and the heat! We will be having a butchers van coming in September. Please spread the word to support our market.  Everyone is asking will the market still run once the shop is up and running? Our aim is to keep the market running alongside the shop, we have to discuss and plan with all parties involved.

All of the above is very exciting, but the key to running a successful community shop and café will be a great team of volunteers!

Jill Spain our HR Manager is working on all the job descriptions and we will be launching our recruitment communication this winter. We don’t want to start recruiting too far from our opening as we want to maintain high interest and excitement! We will also be advertising for a Shop Manager and Assistant Manager, which will both be paid jobs.

Thank you for all your support so far and working together soon!