Worplesdon Bridleways Association

The Worplesdon & District Bridleways Association (WDBA) was founded in 1992 by horse riders from Worplesdon and the surrounding areas, including Pirbright, Normandy, Ash, Wood Street and Whitmoor Common. The association's main objectives are to:

  • Protect and promote bridleways and permissive horse rides.
  • Campaign for circular routes, avoiding highways wherever possible.
  • Maintain pressure on local authorities for more access and safer road crossings.
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with landowners, councils and other interested parties.
  • Establish good relations with the MoD for improved access to Ash and Pirbright Ranges.
  • Revise local maps to identify permissive horse rides, bridleways and suggested routes.
  • Develop good relations with other users of the countryside and encourage their understanding of horses.

The Worplesdon & District Bridleways Association has:

  • Restored Bridleway 413 on Sheets Heath, Brookwood
  • Been awarded £12,000 from the Big Lottery Fund's Breathing Places programme for a permissive horse ride on Normandy Common.
  • Produced laminated maps of Whitmoor and Broad Street Commons showing permissive horse rides.
  • Supported the reinstatement of permissive horse rides in Ash Green and on Whitmoor, Backside and Broad Street Commons.
  • Encouraged landowners to open paths linking Wood Street and Normandy.

To visit the WDBA website please click on the link below.