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15 August 2018

Our borough is full of historical objects, hidden places and untold stories.  This has inspired Guildford Museum’s new project, Our History Our Identity, which aims to uncover more about our rural past and identity by involving and working with local residents.

Cllr Nikki Nelson-Smith, Lead Councillor for Skills, Arts and Tourism says:

“We would love to find out more about the history of our borough that captures our identity and connects our community. Through wider conversation with the public, we can recognise what makes our borough unique and understand the local stories that help make each place or locality special to its residents.”

Guildford Museum is planning to meet parishes across the borough and speak with as many local residents as possible to see what connections they feel towards their area. Our museum staff will bring along special objects related to that place, so residents can discover more about the history of each location.

Early next year, the Museum will host an exhibition based on Our History, Our Identity, presenting all the stories, objects and locations that they have gathered from residents.

Cllr Nelson-Smith adds: “Reaching out to explore Our History, Our Identity builds on the great feedback from everyone we spoke to last year during Your stories, Your Museum. Involving our local communities in what matters most to them is all part of working towards an exciting new museum for Guildford.”

If you would like to find out more about Our History, Our Identity and see when the team will be in your area, please visit:

If you would like us to come along with our display to your local event – or if you want to share what you feel identifies our borough, please email: