Normandy Parish Council Incident Reporting System

Not every accident or incident is serious enough to call the Police …but it may have an overall impact on the safety of our village.

There are many incidents that happen every day around Normandy that go unreported. If they were, they may add up to a possible long term issue that needs to be addressed.

The NPC have set up this online incident log to record evidence that could be used to submit a request to the relevant authority to get something done. Because without any evidence nothing will be!

These incidents may be related to:

Traffic (road accidents, near misses, poor or aggressive driving, persistent bad parking that could be dangerous to pedestrians etc)

Crime (burglary, theft, warnings, unwanted doorstep visitors etc)

Anti-social behaviour (aggressive behaviour, casual litter, fly-tipping etc)

Other (property violations, broken playground equipment, damaged fencing, damaged trees etc)


Note that this is NOT an alternative process for reporting serious incidents to the Police, Guildford Borough Council etc - please contact them as you would normally do.