Letter of Apology from Network Rail (Wanborough Station)

Please see below a letter of apology from Mark Killick, Route Director, Wessex at Network Rail to the residents of Normandy.
I have been in touch with Network Rail several times over the past few days to raise concerns expressed by residents, the Parish Council, and the Wanborough Station Users Group. So this end to noisy night time working, albeit for essential safety works,  is most welcome. Thank you also for support from our Member of Parliament, Jonathan Lord MP, over this New Year period.
With all the best for a peaceful and successful 2021.
Keith Witham
Surrey County Councillor, Normandy 


2nd January 2021

Essential stabilisation works to repair landslip near Westwood Lane bridge. 
I am writing to apologise for the recent noise and vibration that you have experienced as we carry out emergency repair work near Westwood Lane bridge and to update you on the schedule.
We had planned to carry out this work during the daytime in January, however the storms of 27 December caused the railway embankment to deteriorate to a point where we had to close the line and mobilise emergency repairs. To stabilise the area, we have installed a sheet pile wall, which involves hammering 17 metre long steel sheets into the ground to prevent earth below the embankment from moving any further.
I recognise that the works have created more disturbance than anticipated and a great deal of distress and for this I am incredibly sorry. We are working at night to carry out the minimum work required to reopen the railway, after which all work will be completed during the day.
The noise and vibration has been caused by the piling process and I can advise that from 19.00 2 January this work will only be delivered between the hours of 07.00 -19.00 and will not be progressed overnight. I can also confirm that, although we had planned to be working 24/7 until 11 January, we have made changes meaning that from 6 January work will only be delivered during the day between the hours of 07.00 -19.00.
Until that time, we will be rebuilding the embankment overnight, but this should not create the same disturbance you have experienced over the last couple of nights. We will endeavour to keep any noise to an absolute minimum. My project team spent time earlier this week considering the impact these emergency works would have on the local community and based on previous experience of delivering these activities at night in other locations we did not expect the level of vibration which has been experienced.

Clearly, we have not got this right on this occasion and need to learn from it. Please accept my sincere apologies once again for the disruption and distress we have caused in delivering these emergency works which will allow us to reopen the railway through Wanborough from Wednesday 6 January. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please visit www.networkrail.co.uk or telephone our 24-Hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41.
Yours faithfully
Mark Killick 
Route Director, Wessex 
Network Rail