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NPC Incident Reporting System

Normandy Parish Council has created an online “Incident Reporting Form” to keep a record of events within the Parish, that may or may not have been reported to the emergency services!  This is necessary because if the services haven’t attended an incident or accident…then it doesn’t exist!

This is to ensure we are kept aware of incidents, regardless of whether they are reported to the Police (WHICH WE FULLY ENDORSE AND DOES NOT REMOVE THE NEED TO REPORT TO THE POLICE WHERE NECESSARY).

This is not an alternative process for reporting serious incidents to the Police, Guildford Borough Council, etc.  Contact them as you would normally do.

These incidents may be related to Traffic (e.g. road accidents, near misses), Crime (burglary, theft, warnings) or Anti-Social Behaviour. The Parish Council will keep a record of these incidents so that they can be used to inform other residents and/or take action to prevent recurrence of the incidents. 

There is proof that gathering information can work – our neighbouring council in Jacobswell provided evidence to Surrey Highways to get changes to their road surface that reduced accidents from 25 to zero.

For reasons of privacy, the Parish Council will not publish who has reported an incident.

We appreciate that not all parts of the incident log can be completed (i.e. other witnesses) but we are grateful for any information you can provide.

The form is located on the Home page on the right hand side, underneath ‘Upcoming Events’.  It is also located in the second menu drop down box underneath “Contact”.

You can also find it here:


Any queries, please do contact the Parish Clerk.


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