Please find on the link below to view the results of the Parish Plan questionnaire. Thank you to all those residents who completed it.

There is also a link to the original questionnaire as well as a document containing some further information and the comments which were included on the forms.

A return of 36.78 % was obtained from the 1400 leaflets which were distributed. A reasonable return when considered against the results from other similar non centralised villages. The comments have been included as received and do not necessarily reflect the view of any but the individual making them. Where large numbers of similar comments are made only a limited number are included but with a reference to the scale of return.

Parish Plan Questionnaire

Parish Plan Results

Housing Needs Survey

C2459 Normandy Common Phase I Management Plan Part 1 of 2

C2459 Normandy Common Phase I Management Plan Part 2 of 2

There is a separate link to the Parish Plan draft response.