Normandy Allotments

Local authorities provide plots of land for local residents to cultivate, known as allotments. An allotment can provide fruit and vegetables free from chemicals, plastic wrapping and with zero food miles. There are health benefits to the exercise and fresh air as well as the quality of the produce. Gardening has been shown to improve mental health and a plot provides a place to relax, spend time alone or with family and friends. There can also be economic benefits as well, particularly if you grow normally expensive crops such as asparagus or blueberries. You are not allowed to sell any allotment produce, but sharing it with family and friends is fine.


If you would like to rent an allotment you will need to complete the form below. Once received, your application will be acknowledged by email. When you reach the top of the waiting list you will receive an offer by email from the Parish Clerk, who will then arrange a viewing. Once you have agreed with the clerk to accept a plot you will receive an agreement and invoices for rental, and the gate code. The agreement is a legal document confirming your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and we must receive one copy of this back to the council and payment of the invoices within 15 days or the offer of the plot could be withdrawn. Payment details and how to pay are on the invoice that will be sent to you.

Please note:

  • The council only accepts applications from residents of Normandy
  • Allotments may be held as a sole, or joint, tenancy. Joint tenants do not have to be related, or live at the same address, but both must be residents of Normandy. If one tenant dies, or gives up their tenancy, the other tenant is able to continue the tenancy. Joint tenants are jointly responsible for fees.
  • If your contact details change after you apply, it’s your responsibility to let the clerk know or you may lose your place on the waiting list.
  • Please let us know if you change your mind and no longer wish to have an allotment, or if you move away from Normandy.

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