Contacting Planning Enforcement

There have been various concerns about possible contraventions of planning conditions attached to planning permissions in the parish that need to be investigated and enforced.

The Parish Council has no power to deal with these problems as they are the responsibility of Guildford Borough Council. However, they acknowledge they cannot be at every site to monitor problems that may arise and ask for help from the community to report any suspected transgressions to them.

Currently the following sites are a cause for concern and local residents are asked to monitor planning conditions and if they see anything they consider in contravention to take some basic details.

Currently sites that are of concern are:

Green Lane East
Sanitrux (to be completed)

Report your concerns to :

Josie Smith, Principal Planning Enforcement Officer (Guildford Borough Council Planning Enforcement Team)

Direct Line: 01483 444626

Information that could be useful is:
a)      Date, time, duration
b)      What was seen or heard
c)       Photograph (do not put yourself at risk)
d)      Names of people involved (if you know).