Friends of Normandy Wildlife

Friends of Normandy Wildlife
Supporting the beautiful and diverse wildlife of Normandy


The Normandy Wildlife Group has been set up by Normandy Parish Council.  Their aims are:

  • To be aware of what wildlife our village has by keeping records for the future. This needs to be done by monitoring gardens and open spaces within the village as it may help keep our greenbelt from being built on in the future
  • To meet like minded villagers who have a passion for wildlife or want to learn about our wildlife and keep it for generations to come by documenting what we have on our doorstep.

We hold wildlife talks from September to April in St Marks Church Hall, Guildford Road, Normandy on the 2nd Monday of the month starting at 19.30.  Topics have included hedgehogs, dormice, badgers, swifts, dragonflies, ladybirds and wild flowers. In the summer months we get outside for walks – last year we visited Badshot Lea’s Tices’ Meadow, Waverley Abbey and Witley Common – and every August bank holiday we have a stand at the Parish Fete on Manor Fruit Farm inside the village hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend our walks and talks including children.  The cost is £2 for members (annual membership is £10) and £3 for non-members.  Children and students are free of charge.

2019 Spring Programme

Monday 10 February - Peregrine Falcons
Keith Betton, Vice Chairman of the British Trust for Ornithology and Chairman of Hampshire Ornithological Society, writer and broadcaster, has been studying this once very rare bird in England for almost 10 years.  He will share with us the beautifully illustrated story of their return now that they have protection, and why this fast flying bird truly deserves our attention.

Monday 9 March - Nocturnal Animals
Dr Mike Berwick has been a volunteer wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator with the Wildlife Aid Foundation for 14 years. After an introduction to the work of Wildlife Aid his talk will focus on Britain's diverse nocturnal wildlife, some familiar, some less so! He will seek to answer the questions - why are some animals nocturnal and how they have adapted.

Monday 20th April – The Life of Eels

Kathy Hughes, WWF's freshwater expert, will talk about the life history and cultural significance of these fascinating, elusive and often misunderstood fish.


If you want to know more about Friends of Normandy Wildlife read our talk articles and what to look out for in the seasons in The Villager magazine which is delivered to your door quarterly.  You can also email us at

Please may we remind you if you find any wildlife in distress, our two local wildlife rescue centres are Harper Asprey 01344 623106 or Wildlife Aid on 09061 800132.

The view from above hunts hill
The view from above hunts hill
Dartford Warbler on Normandy heathland
Dartford Warbler on Normandy heathland 29-04-15
Balloons over Willey Green
Balloons over Willey Green
View across Normandy Pond
View across Normandy Pond
Bee Orchid - Nine Flowers on a spike - pretty impressive!
Nine Flowers on a spike - pretty impressive!
Bee Orchid - Close up
Bee Orchid - close up