Electrical safety in privately rented homes


We will improve the safety of residents living in privately rented accommodation in our borough by introducing fines for landlords who do not meet electrical safety standards.

The 2020 regulations for electrical safety in the private rental sector mean that landlords must have their electrical wiring checked at least every five years by a fully-qualified electrician.

Ian Doyle, Director of Service Delivery says:

“Over 15% of residents in the borough live in privately rented properties. We will now be able to improve living conditions for any residents who are living in unsafe and substandard accommodation due to negligence of their landlord

He adds: “Fines given out will be decided by our Head of Environment and Regulatory Services according to a charging structure with a maximum charge of £30,000.”

This news follows the increase in the number of House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licenses which protect residents living in HMOs by creating safer and better managed properties. You can read more here: www.guildford.gov.uk/article/24537/Our-HMO-licences-protect-more-residents.