Fireworks Advice for Animal Owners In Normandy



The period around the 5 November for many is an exciting time to share a community experience celebrating Bonfire Night.

And in Normandy we are holding our traditional torchlight procession, bonfire and fireworks event on that Monday on Manor Fruit Farm, off Glaziers Lane.

The fireworks normally commence at about 7.15pm and last no more than 20 mins.

In addition this year there will be another event with fireworks commemorating the end of the Great War which will be held on the 11 November at approx. 8pm. This will be approx. 15 mins long.

The Parish Council are aware this can be an anxious time for some animal owners whose pets can find the noise an alien and frightening experience - especially horses, cats and dogs whose hearing is much better than ours.

There is some great advice available to help limit this worry from the BHS (British Horse Society) and also the RSPCA.


If you’ve ever spotted a wild animal in trouble and wished you could help this guide is for you…