Good News for Residents Affected by Flooding

Keith Witham, County Councillor for Normandy reports:  The new  “Flood Re” scheme came into effect in April 2016. This enables insurance companies to pass on the flood risk element of house insurance policies to “Flood Re” which will essentially act as an insurance policy for insurance companies against flood damage claims made by their customers. Flood Re will charge a premium to insurance companies but in return will cover the cost of all flood claims in full. The additional cost of this premium will be spread across the insurance industry and will therefore significantly reduce the cost of home insurance policies for people who live in areas at a high risk of flooding. Further information on Flood Re can be found at

Surrey County Council is working closely with the National Flood Forum (NFF) to support residents. The NFF is a charitable organisation that has expertise in helping people who live in areas at high risk of flooding to obtain reasonably priced home insurance policies. This includes a charter for the provision of ‘flood friendly insurance’, and a list of insurance companies who specialise in providing this kind of cover. Through this partnership the County Council will be working with the NFF to inform and educate residents as to how they can obtain reasonable home insurance policies.