Responses to Draft Local Plan 2016 consultation published

23 February 2017


Over 6,000 residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders responded to the regulation 19 pre-submission public consultation about the Draft Local Plan in June-July 2016.

We have now published their 32,174 comments online, so anyone can view and search through them.

You can find them on our website at

You can choose a document under ‘Consultation Documents’ to see the comments at the end of each section. You can also scroll down to ‘Consultation Links’ and click on ‘View the responses’ to display and search all the comments and respondents.

This week the Executive also approved the next milestones for developing our new Local Plan, set out in an updated Local Development Scheme. This timetable includes the next Draft Local Plan public consultation to take place in June-July this year.

Cllr Paul Spooner, Leader of the Council, says: “We received over 32,000 comments during last summer’s public consultation and it’s vital that we took the time needed to review the latest feedback. We have now published these comments online for everyone to see. They will also go forward to the Planning Inspector when we submit our new Local Plan, scheduled for December 2017.

“Our new Local Plan must tackle local issues as well as balance community needs across the whole borough. The next important step is this summer’s ‘targeted’ public consultation, which will focus just on the proposed changes to the Draft Local Plan. These comments will also be submitted to the Planning Inspector as we continue with progress to support local homes and jobs and address transport, infrastructure and other challenges.”

All comments received in last year’s regulation 19 consultation about any unchanged aspects of the plan will remain valid, and will not be subject to further consultation. We will submit these comments to the independent Planning Inspector. Responses to this year’s targeted regulation 19 consultation, which focusses on specific changes to the latest version of the plan, will also be published and submitted to the Inspector.

To view the Executive meeting agenda for 21 February, including the item with the new Local Development Scheme, visit

We will publish the new Draft Local Plan and any updated evidence nearer to the targeted public consultation.