Thames Water Sewer Works – Glaziers Lane

August to December 2019 – Flooding Alleviation Scheme

Thames Water are to carry out Flood Alleviation Works on Glaziers Lane during the third and fourth quarters of 2019. This will result in part of Glaziers Lane being closed for some time, resulting in the need for traffic diversions. While any works cause disruption – and this is a major scheme and will therefore cause disruption locally – the reason Normandy set up a Flood Forum five years ago, chaired by our Member of Parliament Jonathan Lord MP, was to press for action to alleviate flooding.

Thames Water have now advised that replacement sewers are to be installed in Glaziers Lane, starting later this month, and that for a period from late October to late December it will need to close Glaziers Lane. See letter below.

Thames Water Glaziers Lane

The background to these works are that residents have been complaining for years about the sewer flooding situation, and Thames Water have supplied the following information re for the work to be carried out.

REASON FOR WORKS – Emergency flood alleviation scheme. A number of the properties along this stretch of Glaziers Lane have an ongoing issue of flooding with foul water when the main combined sewer in the highway becomes surcharged. The properties are currently on the Ofwat flood register, and as such Thames Water is required to carry out works to resolve the flooding issues so it can remove the properties from the flood register.

 SCOPE OF WORKS – The solution is to install a tank sewer in the privately owned field to hold excess sewage when the main sewer is surcharged. And to install a “rider” (secondary) sewer in Glaziers Lane, parallel to the existing sewer, to disconnect the flooding properties from the surcharging main sewer and discharge directly into the new tank sewer.

 REASON FOR ROAD CLOSURE – The road being narrow (approximately 6m wide) does not allow sufficient space to install the new rider sewer and still maintain a wide enough carriageway for traffic to pass. Therefore a road closure is necessary. The adjacent footway will remain open for the majority of the works. Short term temporary footway closures may be required if / when connection from a property into the new rider sewer requires re-laying of the existing property connection. This will be managed locally on site and the excavation plated to allow pedestrian access as soon as possible. Local residents will be notified of any such closures when identified.

 WILL THE NEW FOOTPATHS BE AFFECTED? Surrey County Council has placed a “section 58 “ legal notice on Thames Water re the footpath. If excavations across the footpath are necessary Thames Water will be required to reinstate to the current, or a higher standard, as the footpaths in Glaziers Lane were only renewed last year and ensure that there are no unsightly scars left on the footpaths.