Help us reduce criminality in Surrey

Buying cigarettes cheaply means you are most probably buying illegal tobacco. It is not just about getting a bargain there are several other more serious considerations to take into account. Illegal tobacco is brought into Surrey by low level organised criminal gangs. These illegal tobacco products are unregulated with unknown amounts of nicotine, tar and lead and have contaminants such as rat droppings and asbestos. Criminals, using pocket money prices, target young people getting them hooked on tobacco and introduce them to criminality from an early age. As buying legitimate tobacco for under 18’s becomes harder they are tempted to buy from illegal “fag” or “tab houses”. Illegal tobacco sales undercut legitimate businesses in corner shops and villages, denying honest businesses of trade.

This campaign is to encourage anyone who normally turns a blind eye to act by making them aware of why illegal tobacco harms our communities and that there is an anonymous way, by contacting Crimestoppers, to report on those who are involved in the sale of illegal tobacco in Surrey.  The police need to know who these criminals are and where they operate from. If they are selling illegal cigarettes they are most probably also involved in other dubious activities. If you have not contacted Surrey Police or Surrey Trading Standards direct then please contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or use the online, safe and secure form at No personal details will be taken; calls are not traced or recorded. All information given is sanitised to remove any identifiable information before it is passed to Surrey Police. No one will know it was you who left the information, not even Crimestoppers will know who you are.

Common brands of illegal tobaccos to look out for include Jin Ling, Raquel, Richman and Camelford which cannot legitimately be bought in the UK. However, if tobacco products do not contain health warnings written in English or display the ‘UK DUTY PAID’ fiscal mark, they are also illegal. For more details about the campaign or how to spot illegal tobacco please visit

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