Normandy’s Annual Bonfire Night – A Big Thank You

The Parish Council would like to thank Lesley Backhurst and her wonderful family for all their help with regards to our annual Bonfire Night over the last 50 years. Lesley and all her family have supported our fantastic annual event over the years by volunteering to help and have been invaluable to the Parish Council in making our bonfire night such a success.

Sadly, Lesley informs us that they are no longer able to help due to ill health and members of her family moving away making it difficult to get together at the same time. Lesley writes “Recently we have only been the collectors and counters of the money, (lucky we have such a big family as the more of us that helped, the more money was raised) but we take with us memories of cutting sacks of onions (by hand in those days!-oh the tears we shod), providing the JCB’s, pallets and men to build the bonfires, rigging up cables running from my father’s house and electricity supply to the bonfire sight to power all of the spotlights and finishing our evening into the early hours, a large family occasion with a bowl of hot soup and all of us counting money into piles on our extended dining table”.

We will miss Lesley and all the members of her family volunteering their support in what is always the highlight event of Normandy’s year.

A Big Thank You too goes to all the volunteers and organisers for last night’s wonderful Bonfire Evening – it was yet another fantastic display which was thoroughly enjoyed by a large turnout of residents and supporters. This event could not go ahead if it was not for our brilliant and dedicated support network.